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A jobless father apologised to his six-year-old daughter before stabbing her mother to death in the street, a court heard.

Moments earlier Mark Morris, 39, was told by his 33-year-old ex-girlfriend, Emma Day, who was also the mother of his child, that if he could afford alcohol he could pay child support.

The prosecutor said: 'Emma called out, 'what are you doing?

' They were to be her last words.'Despite a struggle between Miss Clarke and Mr Morris, he was able to lunge at Emma Day, slashing her neck in the process.'Mr Morris then ran off down the hill, but not before he had discarded the knife.'The victim had two stab wounds to her back penetrating her lung, and she was declared dead at the scene at 7.41pm.

Because carbon-14 decays at this constant rate, an estimate of the date at which an organism died can be made by measuring the amount of its residual radiocarbon.In April 2016, Miss Day, who worked as a receptionist on the neuroscience ward at King's College Hospital, reported to police she was being harassed by Morris.Pictured above, the scene of the murder Sarah Whitehouse QC, prosecuting, said: 'She said that he had been sending abusive text messages to her and calling her repeatedly.'A few days later, on April 19, she was granted a non-molestation order against Morris at the Central Family Court, which expired a year later.In July, she began a new relationship with another man, but it did not seem to have caused any 'significant ill-feeling' between them.But the problems between them 'escalated' from November 2016 when she made an application to the Child Maintenance Service for financial support from him.

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