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Compare this to our parents, born in 1920, who at birth could only expect to make it to age 56.Or our grandparents, born in 1890, who could only look forward to living for an average of 45 years (although a large part of the improvement is due to a decrease in infant mortality).We sell what they produce and sell it with the knowledge of ony what they tell us.| NOT FOR SALE TO MINORS | We verify purchasers age via Online Age Verification System. The point is, we do not know for sure, there are not enough full studies on it and this is why we vendors are not allowed to claim it is a safe alternative and I agree 100% it is NOT.

To be sure, the improvement has leveled off in recent years, and the rates should be higher in this post-industrial world where education matters more than ever before. Our cars are safer and more efficient than they've ever been. Our choices for news and entertainment are more varied. Women have narrowed the income gap, and they've completely closed the education gap -- since 2000, and even before that, more women than men have been graduating from college.

We can be thankful because our country is relatively safe. The murder rate peaked in 1980, at 10.2 murders per 100,000 inhabitants.

Now the rate is back to what it was in the early 1960s, at less than half the peak rate.

We'll have some friends over for Thanksgiving dinner. We'll cook on an electric stove; we'll be warm with central heating and comfortable with indoor plumbing.

We are still in Iraq as well, although we're leaving, and tragically, about 4,500 American troops have been killed in that oil-rich nation since we arrived in 2003. Iran is allegedly working to produce a nuclear bomb; so is North Korea.

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