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"I enjoyed very much the quiet pace, the comradeship, the social life and the many parties.The Caymanians were friendly and seemed to like the English." However, as time progressed, the island's expat population began to swell."To visit the islands now, you'd almost think you were in Florida.

The pace was slow and soon you got to know everybody as the expat community was fairly small and tended to meet at just a few bars," he explained.Jennifer Smith, a young expat who moved to the Cayman Islands from America, fell in love with them after visiting as part of a cruise.One of her favourite things about her new home is how many amenities are available compared with other Caribbean islands.And the cultural gap isn't the only divide to be found on Grand Cayman.The generation gap that separates the new expats and the island's veteran foreign residents is also beginning to become apparent.

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