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NOTE: This is a significantly revised version of a much earlier post published on 11/9/2010 that I have since deleted.The Stonebridge Automatic Folding Candle Lantern was patented and manufactured by Charles H. Army issued Medical Corp lantern and field lantern in addition to being selected for use by the Canadian armed forces and the armies of several European nations.Isinglass is somewhat flexible and more resistant to breakage than glass sheet but pressing on it too hard leaves whitish, cloudy spots that cannot be repaired. Surviving Stonebridge lanterns manufactured more than 100 years ago are regularly found with the isinglass windows fully intact.However, the method used by Stonebridge to install the isinglass makes it nearly impossible to replace a window if damaged or missing.Rather than choosing an original, I chose a rustproof solid brass replica from Lee Valley Tools of Ogdensburg, NY (no longer stocked).It now appears that Garrett Wade is the only firm that carries it.I’ve since discovered that the replica is quite different.

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It had a flat, internal wind shield located beneath the peaked “roof” of the lantern.The lantern also featured adjustable air vents that regulated the amount of air entering the lantern.The floor of the Stonebridge featured a self-adjusting flexible wire candle holder and 6 rows of small round vent holes to admit air and allow for drainage if water were to enter the lantern.Dimensions of the Stonebridge lantern are: Folded: 4 1/8” x 7” x 1 /2”.Unfolded: 4 1/8” wide, 4 /2” deep, 10” high to the top of the peak of the “roof” and 14” including the extended wire bail.

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