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During this talk, sales and distribution models as well as festival strategies both in Turkey and abroad, will be discussed.Speakers: Andreas Rothbauer (CEO / Picture Tree International), Azize Tan (Director / Başka Sinema) 15.00-17.00 The Filmmaker’s Guide to Post-Production What do we mean when we say “Script finds a solution”, “I don’t like the editing”, “We re-wrote in editing”?Sometimes this decision becomes as important as the subject matter in order to find a larger audience and therefore accomplishing their goal.They have to decide if they want to be "preaching to the converted" or "thinking with the mind of the audience".

Selected projects for Neighbours platform: • Yashar (dir. Teymur Hajiyev- Memuar Films, Fil Production) / Azerbaijan • Armatura (dir. Nodar Nozadze- Pansionati) / Georgia • The Translator (dir. Nicolas Leprêtre, Raphaël Alexandre, Anas Khalaf- Georges Films, Synéastes Films) / Syria-Jordan-France • A Bag of Hair (dir. Countries: • Armenia • Azerbaijan • Bulgaria • Cyprus • Georgia • Greece • Iran • Iraq • Romania • Russia • Syria • Ukraine Contact us at [email protected] more information. APRIL 07 FRIDAY SOHO HOUSE ISTANBUL 11.00-12.30 A New Narration A New Medium: The Transformation of TV Series to Digital A discussion with the producers of drama series on digital platforms in Turkey, Blu TV and Puhu TV, about episodic storytelling methods, the changing profile of the audience, the current status and the future of new media.APRIL 10 MONDAY AYNALI GEÇİT MEET AND GREET SESSIONS 10.00-11.30 Meet the Funds and the Markets Speakers: Georges Goldenstern (General Director - Cinefondation), Mimi Gjorgoska Ilievska (Director - Macedonian Film Agency), Sergio Garcia de Leaniz (Project Manager - Eurimages), Michael Seeber (Representative - Sources 2), Tobias Pausinger (Industry Advisor and Consultant - Cine Mart), Armin Hadzic (Coordinator - Cinelink), Salome Danelia (Head of Film Subsidy Department - Georgian National Film Center), Rebekka Garrido (Director - Connecting Cottbus), Teresa Hoefert de Turegano (Funding Consultant- Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg GMBH) Fund and co-production market representatives will give brief information about the institutions they represent as well as co-production and financing procedures.11.30-13.00 Meet the Training Programs and Festivals Speakers: Hugo Rosak (Head of Film Industry Office - Karlovy Vary IFF), Tina Lokk (Festival Director - Black Nights Film Festival) , Jacobine van der Vloed (Director - Ace Producers), Gülin Üstün (EAVE Turkey Representative), Ruxandra Cernat (ARTVIVA President - Film TEEP), Louise H.Speakers: Emin Alper (Director), Enis Köstepen (Producer / Liman Film) APRIL 09 SUNDAY SOHO HOUSE IST There will be simultaneous translation at all the cinema talks.14.00 – 15.30 VR: New Medium, New Questions VR, as a new story-telling medium, has been a part of our lives for a while now.

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