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People are gorging.” But many millennials don’t see this as an appetite problem. “Economical hookups are becoming the way to maximize overall utility from all of these platforms,” Talens says of the many women he juggles, which have numbered as high as six at one time.“Literally it’s a full-time job when you have that many, so be prepared to work.” Like many millennials, sending a sexual text message is so blasé nowadays that you’re in fact in the minority if you don’t participate in the NSFW exchange.I'm on some of the dating apps and I've had a number of really good first dates with guys. I had a perfectly good time and while I'm not head over heels over the guy yet or anything, I think it's hard to get to know someone on a first date so I'm still open to getting to know them better. At the end they may even say "I had a good time, let's do it again? But then sometimes they just keep texting back and forth for a week or more (and I am responsive! I think I am being encouraging enough, though I stop short of asking them out.

Compare this to the next age bracket, and the number begins to decline: 47% among 30- to 49-year-olds and 26% among 50- to 64-year-olds.

According to a May report in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, millennials participate in casual sex with more likelihood than earlier generations, increasing from 25% to 38%.

“35% of Gen X’ers in the late 1980s had sex with a casual date or pickup compared to 45% of millennials in 2010,” the study reveals.

“Hooking up after 10 or fewer text exchanges is one thing,” she says, “but the commitment to the hookup that I’ve seen after those fast first dates makes it clear that some people still believe in fairy tales, or are in major denial.” But expert casual dater and hookup arranger Rachael is not in any kind of denial at all. “Go into every encounter feeling like if you never see or hear from this person again it’s completely acceptable (if not preferred), and there won’t be any upset or hurt feelings.” 2. Do it because you want to get off.” And the most important tip of all: Don’t harass people who explicitly say in their profiles “looking for long-term relationship” or “not here just for hookups,” or perhaps most clear of all, a reply directly to your “DTF?

She just wants to offer the good advice she’s learned over the course of her speedy hookup career. ” query with a straight-up “NOPE.” Because overtures for no-strings-attached sex requires two crucial elements be in play: His consent — and hers.

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