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Blair, Dan, and Vanessa get accepted to New York University.A movie star, Olivia Burke (Hilary Duff) is one of their classmates, and she and Dan begin courting.Dorota: Miss Serena, all you do all day is type type type. Serena: Well after last week's family meltdown, this laptop is the only thing keeping me sane. Blair is intimidated by this development and some distance arises between them.Elsewhere, Nate tries coming to terms with his father's unlawful history, busying himself by wooing Vanessa, who finds herself becoming steadily more entrenched in Upper East Side intrigues.

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It is assumed this is why Serena bid NYC a prompt adieu months prior, but Serena's ex-friend, Gorgina (Michelle Trachtenberg), knows otherwise.

The senior year of high school is chronicled, displaying each character at various stages in their arc.

Upon the encouragement of Poppy Lifton (Tamara Feldman), another Upper East Side teen socialite, Serena gains in popularity as a socialite.

Serena eventually becomes romantically entangled with a former teacher, while a girl named Juliet Sharp (Katie Cassidy) secretly plots Serena's downfall.

The Gossip Girl character continues to narrate, and Serena continues to try and discover her identity, several times coming very close, but never quite succeeding in solving the mystery.

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