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Obtaining work as a sommelier will depend on experience and qualifications.There are only 112 Master Sommeliers in the world, with salaries that are likely to exceed the high six figures.Ensuring the ease and comfort of each patron at a restaurant should also be the goal of an exceptional sommelier.Initiating light conversation while welcoming to the establishment helps to create a warm feeling, one that customers will want to return to, as well as patronize.Historically a sommelier is basically the wine professional on staff at a restaurant. Well, again, there is no straightforward answer, but there are popular paths that people take to become one.Their main job is to: Aside from that, the sommelier is also usually responsible for training the other restaurant staff in some of the wine basics or other types of wine knowledge. When becoming a sommelier it is helpful to have a mentor-someone who is a sommelier or restaurant wine professional already.

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There is really no substitute for gaining first-hand knowledge this way.A sommelier should never impose knowledge into a patron without their full consent, especially when the patron is confident that they are correct.This can be hard for an educated professional such as a sommelier to ignore, but it is imperative in order to retain proper customer relations.In order to obtain this prestigious title, an advanced exam is performed in three parts.Since the Bureau of Labor does not report statistics on jobs that are categorized under the title of Sommelier, it is hard to address the exact number of opportunities or unemployment levels.

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