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Tip, visit the graphics card page (there is a link next to the FPS number) and compare your graphics card to it to give you a personal point of reference.

The graphics card used will be periodically voted on by GD community. It represents an Avg FPS at high graphics settings played on a 1080p resolution monitor.

In a scenario there are Major Factions and Minor Factions. These are usually the Roman civil war factions plus occasional foreign factions that play a key role, for example Parthia in Scenario 03.

But in general, is this a Roman-centered mod, so dont expect too much foreign factions to be playable. These represent lesser states that did play some role in the Roman conflict, for example as Roman allies, as victims to Roman expansions, or as a nuisance you have to deal with. Factional Moral and Dissolution Each faction has a certain Factional Moral Index.

The Factional Moral Index is given as a trait that every general has.

This trait gives him a bonus/malus in Troop Moral and Unrest, independently of his personal qualities as a general or governor. The levels are: Poor Moral (Factional Moral below 25) Weak Moral (Factional Moral between 25 and 74) Good Moral (Factional Moral between 75 and 124) Perfect Moral (Factional Moral above 125) Once a factions moral drops below 0 it will dissolve.

Decius 13: The Year of the Three Emperors 14: The Crisis of the Third Century Time Frame, Periods and Factions Each scenario covers only a short period in history, sometimes just a year.

The time-scale is 12 turns per year, so time is limited. Period 1 covers the scenarios 1 and 2, Period 2 the scenarios 2 to 8, and Period 3 the following scenarios.

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You can also get in touch with GD Admin as we are always glad to hear your findings.The Periods define things like city development, Romanization, and most importantly recruitment.The major change is from Period 2 to Period 3 (Post-Augustan).You might as well have strengthened another opponent that way. Antony Civil War Leaders Civil War factions usually have one or more Civil War Leaders.These are not to be confused with the M2TW faction leader (even though it usually is one and the same person on game start).

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