Independent baptist online dating

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Your first kiss should be at the alter when you get married. There is no reason for teenagers to date when they are so young. This world teaches that it is ‘normal’ for the kids to run around together, spend time in compromising situations together, hang on each other, kiss, and on and on. For those considering dating as a Christian, and parents as well, a few things to consider is the age of the couple.

I can’t tell you how many people I have met who wished they would have waited. Children in the Bible were not considered adults until they were 20. If a couple are adults also remember to give them consideration and courtesy.

Encourage the couple, praise them for bringing glory to God for waiting. If they have waited the are probably on the right track.

And finally, if you have a godly friend, pastor, or relative that has reservations about the person be very careful. Consider very carefully what they are saying and pray about it yourself and seek God.

Includes many articles about Christian dating and safety.

If someone struggles with addictions like alcohol, drugs, smoking, gambling, or something else, don’t fall into the trap of thinking you can change them after you are married.

If someone is already headed in a direction that is contrary to God take notice of it and beware.

Our very first date alone, by ourselves, was on our honeymoon.

Pray for the Lord to bring that special person into your life.

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