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They can also do a great deal of introspective reflecting and know themselves very well. People realize that you know your stuff, and can figure things out faster, better and in more efficient way than some other types of personalities.

While some other people are running around like chickens having their heads cut off worrying about the end of the world, you are over there getting the things done.

The ENFJs ability to take care of so many different tasks is sincerely intimidating for others, even though that is not the intention of the ENFJ.

INFJs are often a mystery to others, which can make them feel about nervous around the INFJ.

This means that they do not have time for small talk.

They always know what really matters to them, and they do not waste their time on doing some things which are not on their lists.

This can actually be a lot for people to process and can also result in people keeping their distance from alpha personality types.

Alpha personality types exert a lot of energy on moving their lives forward.

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