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Her stepmother, Helen Kennedy Halliday, met her father travelling from India back to England, where their shipboard romance led to marriage upon arrival in England.

They rented a house in Dillmouth, the seaside town where Helen grew up.

His basis is the many changes to the title of the novel, as other authors used her first title ideas: One of Christie's notebooks contain references to Cover Her Face (second title) under ‘Plans for Sept. 1948’, suggesting she was planning to re-read and revise the manuscript.

It is on the basis of these dates John Curran argues that Christie had still to write the manuscript.

She aids a young couple who choose to uncover events in the wife's past life, and not let sleeping murder lie.

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She goes to London for a visit with relatives, the author Raymond West, his wife, and his aunt, Miss Jane Marple.

Kennedy could pose him next to the strangled Helen. The letter found with Lily was not the one she received from Kennedy; he switched it after he killed her.

He did not want the police involved, as they would see through his scheme.

Her husband Giles arrives from New Zealand and the couple decide to pursue this mystery. Kennedy, now retired from practice and moved to another village.

He replies to an ad placed by Giles seeking information about Helen. Miss Marple arranges to visit friends in Dillmouth.

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