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Dear friend and readers App logo ko apni zindagi ki aik or story suna raha hooon I am Imran from Peshawar age is 25 hight is 5-4” and body is slim not fat.

To meray dosto meray cousin ki shadi theeee wo mera bohat close friend tha to uss nay mujeh kaha key tum nay sara intezam kerna hay meri shahdi ka may nay hami bhar li shahdi ki tayariya shoro hogayeee or may uss key ghar shift hogaya shahdi say before one week.

Give me all U got" I was mumbling something like this and with my one hand I was keep squeezing her breast and my other hand was pressing her big buttocks. I was so excited and hugged her tight from the back and mumbled her name in her ears as "Shruti! " and pressing her breasts very hard with the blouse & Bra. Before going any further U just sit on the bed." She commanded me. All of the sudden She took it in her mouth and twirled her tongue around it. Take me." My fingering went on and after a while she started to cum.

Now I have unfastened her blouse hooks and she helped me to take off the blouse from her. Now she removed my lungie and held my cok in her hand."Ravi! She sat down on the floor and started kissing my LUND, rubbing it and caressed it.

Now she held my hands and walked me to the Bedroom. She moved her head in close, parting her pouty lips she pushed them down. At the same time I unfastened her Bra hooks and she co operated with me to remove the bra. " I put my mouth in her CHOOT’s fucking hole and sucked it. She held my hair and pushed my face fully in to her CHOOT.

I was out of control and licking her face and ears and everywhere my face can reach on her that time. Same time my LUND became like a strong iron rod and now it was touching her tight ass. she tightened her grip on the back of my leg trying to get a hold of herself.

Reach in back and unhook me and put it on right." To do this I had to put my arms around her, pressing my chest against her boobs. "The girls will love you." She said, stepping back. I could feel the shape of her tits and smoothness of the fabric. Sunday evening around 7´o clock suddenly there was a power failure in the house.

I rubbed the material over my hard-on, imagining that I was doing it between her boobs. I wondered what she would look like without the inskirt.

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I was off to the side a little so I could see the side of one breast under her arm as she reached up for a nightie. Her breasts hung down some and swayed as she moved. Thanks for helping." As I turned to go she threw the bra at me "That's one of my favorites. " I looked at it for a second and said " OK" smiling at her. This was the first time I had ever felt the bare flesh of a tit.

But couldn't resist my Instincts and always I was dreaming about her. She had opened the nightie wide, enough for me to see both breasts and her black panties. She still had her hands up in the air, like a surgeon. " I hesitated a little trying to decide what to touch.

The bra was rather structured with lots stitching for reinforcing. The silk and nylon of her panties rubbing against my LUND turned me on and I usually would cum quickly. While I was fixing the hook, I felt and touched the entire bra, concentrating on the inside of the cups. I sat down to eat, thankful that she would be gone so I could jack off without interruption. It looked like she had on panties and inskirt over them. She now had her hands up, blowing on the nails to dry them.

In the darkness I havn't noticed that you are standing here" and tried to take my hands off her. That first kiss was really brief though in my whole life that was the first time a woman kissed me. Literally I was shivering and I was out of control. Her big boobs were on my chest and she was pressing her breasts against me. She was sucking hard, her wet lips pressed tightly to my leg, she pressed her tongue , she felt her breasts rubbing againest my lower leg, her sensitive nipples hardened becuase of it, she unconciously moved her other hand a little further up the back of my leg, cupping the bottom of my ass cheek. I inserted my hands in to her bra and tuning her nipples. " I moaned as my Aunt ran her tongue along the shaft and back again, I pushed her head towards my dick, she opened her mouth wide and took my huge LUND into her mouth, she felt it hit the back of her throat almost and she started to suck on it extremely hard, her hand pulling my fore skin back and forth as she did. my face was focussed on her CHOOT and my hands were playing too hard with her nipples. She became ecstatic and I did not stop eating her CHOOT or pressing her breast. I kept fingering her and touched and pinched her clit.

As soon as we entered in to the bedroom she started removing her dresses. Please let me do that " and unwrapped her saree first. I let out a little gasp as my Aunt's lips touched my skin, LUND flexed again, some pre-cum was forming on the tip, my dick was aching, Aunt bent in closer to my thigh, her breasts rubbing againest the inside of my shin. I was feeling her breasts and pinching her nipples. I was licking and sucking like a dog drinking milk. I was again feeling her breasts and pinching her nipples real hard and I focussed my attention to her boobs. While doing this, I inserted a finger into her hot wet CHOOT.

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