Obsidian dating

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For a while in the mid 70s, this "cornflower stamp" was reused on Teapots and Percolators, but Hologram stamps were never used on either of these pieces. Hope this helps to narrow down the dates of some of your pieces.

Im Downloadgame Armored Warfare findest du Kampf-, Leicht- und Jagdpanzer vor.I have avoided this subject, primarily because with Corning Ware, it is not an exact science.The Hub Machine began forming Corning Ware at the Martinsburg plant in 1961, but there were other plants producing Corning Ware as well. These plants did not necessarily receive new molds for new shapes at the same time, nor would they changed their stamp format at the same time.... 1958-1959 - Embossed Bottom Stamp There are myriad small modifications such as "for Range and Microwave" mark having or not having the cornflower...The mounted specimen slide is ground in a slurry of 600 grade optical-quality corundum abrasive on a plate glass lap. This initial grinding of the specimen reduces its thickness by approximately one half and removes any nicks from the edge of the specimen produced during cutting.

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