Sasha and alexander sytycd dating

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Hes already handled as a major fan-favorite for some reason so Im eager to see what he can do on Egors team. I loved this tbh, not only because literary references are always a plus in my books but because humorous and somewhat bizarre pieces are also right up my alley. She and Irina Kononova were way too similar as mature blond Contemporary/Modern dancers and Irina was easily the more unique one based on her audition, so it was rather easy choice.

Konstantin getting picked by Egor seems like a good fit. This style of dance is so Nastya Vyadro: its the ultimate stylized objectification of the human body, entirely focused on the voyeuristic gaze of the viewers (though the infantilized crawl towards the audience was a bit too much, even for me). From these two Valeria (in pink) is easily the more successful one at replicating that style which makes for somewhat of a mismatch since Svetlana (in blue) looks a bit stiff at times, disrupting the synchronicity.

I actually kinda forgot about Sasha since her audition aired the very first week and Im not sure how long she will be able to last, but I like her tomboy-ish looks, so Im fine with her being on Egors team in the top 20 for now.

Teo was going to be there no matter what happened anyway.

I don't know how they could possibly top the All-Star Season, but I'm always ready to be surprised. All the more impressive that he spent the entire audition spinning on his head. Ditching the jumpsuit and pot hat he wore for his audition was definitely the right step.

It kind of reminds me of Vanya Mozhaykin from the second season who also got a make-over from regular dude to smooth-skinned guy who could easily fit into a boyband.

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