Updating jtextarea

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The JSpinner class allows you to create a little control for entering numbers, complete with up/down buttons for incrementing and decrementing the value.

Also in this tutorial, a tip for positioning dialogs and more Grid Bag Layout examples.

This tutorial begins a gentle introduction to using layout managers to layout your components in a resize-friendly way.NB: You'll need to install a database on your own machine, or somewhere accessible to you, if you want to run the code covered in this part of the tutorial.Of course you'll need to change the settings as appropriate for your database too.The controller bit of MVC architecture is the bit that contains all the stuff that's left after you've finished creating that data bit (the model) and the view bit (the user interface).There isn't a whole lot of "business logic" in our sample application, but in this tutorial we'll create a placeholder controller anyway.

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