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Medicinal plants in India: immense potential for export growth of herbal products 17.

Moringa oleifera: NGO develops local plant for water purification in Nigeria 18. Sandalwood: Kenyan President Kibaki prohibits trade in rare tree species 21.

Boswellia serrata extract scores well in COX-2 comparison 9. Ginseng: The first ginseng genome library established in China 11. Maple syrup in Canada: Weather blamed for decline in maple syrup production 13.

"In order for the does to produce good fawns for the spring, they are going to need some fat preserves.

Acorns: Cold snap could cause problems for hunters (USA) 2. Bamboo: Earthquake-proof houses are successfully test shaken at Colorado State University 4. Bamboo in the Philippines: Push for commercial bamboo production in Benguet 8.

Bamboo in India: IGNOU offers certificate course on bamboo craft 7.

International Conference on Poverty Reduction and Forests Tenure, Market and Policy Reforms 41.

International Congress on A Global Vision of Forestry in the 21st Century 42. Costa Rica: Collapse in biodiversity in protected Costa Rican rainforest 50.

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