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As a character actor, Danylko has also appeared in over a dozen television films and is also known for appearing as Serduchka in the comedy film Spy starring Melissa Mc Carthy, Rose Byrne, and Miranda Hart.Andriy Danylko was born to a working-class family in Poltava.He invented the character's name by combining the randomly picked first name Verka and the last name of a former school classmate, Anya Serduk.Danylko later gave his Serduchka character a "mother," played by actress Inna Bilokon, who had been Danylko's close friend since school.

2) No es mi intención tener todas las películas de temática gay ya que considero que hay algunas verdaderamente malas. Dir: Ang Lee, scr: James Schamus base on the book by Elliot Tiber & Tom Monte, with Live Schreiber as Vilma. Bette Bourne, had her life done as a play at the Edinburgh Festival. Dir Andrea James, scr: Andrea James & Calpernia Addams, with Calpernia Addams as Ava and Andrea James as Joyce. Heaven and Earth, a highly fictionalized film about James Barry, met financing problems and may have been discontinued.3) La selección de películas lésbicas es pequeña aún, estoy consciente.No es porque yo sea un lesbifóbico como muchos gays, sino que desconozco las películas de temática lesbica que pueden gustarle a las chicas.

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