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Season two will be set a year after Will’s return from the Upside Down and will “explore the repercussions of everything that happened”, says creator Matt Duffer.The new episodes will pick up from season four’s emotional cliffhanger, which saw the prisoners riot after Poussey’s death and Daya turn a gun on one of the COs.The author revealed that season two might arrive sooner rather than later.He explained: “Given how quickly young actors age and change, we’re trying to film everything as quickly as possible.”Neil Patrick Harris will likely return as Count Olaf, and has said that he wants to see the villain’s story through until its miserable end.Season three will see Jimmy and Kim deal with the repercussions of Chuck’s plot to ruin their law practice, while Mike will search for a mysterious enemy who seems to know everything about his business.

Ellie Kemper returns as Kimmy, with Jane Krakowsi as Jacqueline and Carol Kane as Lillian.The 13 episode season will take place “over the course of three days” and will be “very intense” according to Danielle Brooks (Taystee).The full ensemble cast is expected to return, including Taylor Schilling (Piper), Kate Mulgrew (Red), Uzo Aduba (Crazy Eyes), Laverne Cox (Sophia) and Laura Prepon (Alex).Sacha Dhawan appears toward the end of the season as a surprise villain, and has revealed that his character will return should a second season be produced.He admitted that it’s “fingers crossed” whether the show returns or not.

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    The Simpsons is an animated sitcom about the modern family. It started as a one-minute filler on the Tracey Ullman Show but soon evolved in to America's favorite comedy. There is the father, Homer, a dull-witted, alcoholic, lazy, but lovable man.

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